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Fun Projects aka Making Stuff

I love solving problems, learning, making things. These are the things I learnt or made or both.


  1. Knitting
  2. 100 Days Photo Project on Proverbs – One photo each day relevant to a Proverb from the Bible.
  3. Card Trick – see it.


  1. Product reads – Crowd-Curated reading list on Product building, Startups, Design…
  2. Pen Holder – Bored in office on a Friday evening. Made this!
  3. Juggling – Learnt in 4 days, I try to master by practising everyday.


  1. Joe’s Reads – Collection of my favourite reads, sort of my bookmarks.
  2. Chrome Extension – New tab, new image – When you open a new tab a random travel image(mostly from greets you. Give it a try!
  3. Chennai MRTS train timing app – Key in your source and destination Chennai MRTS stations and this app will give you the time of next 5 trains for you and also all the train timings for the source and destination.