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God’s faithfulness and our doubt

July 9th, 2016

Categories: Spirituality

I’ve heard a lot of sermons on God’s faithfulness and our failure to trust God but never understood it completely till I was introduced to Butter.

At my in-laws’ place is a sweet dog called Butter. The first time I went there Butter was really curious about me. She jumped around me semi-aggresively till I was seated in the house and owners showed trust in me. Once the introduction was done, Butter was very sweet and would love to come to me for a scratch or a massage. Every time I went to my in-laws’ place after that, Butter would jump around me excitedly and show no aggression. When I stepped out of the house for a while and returned, I would open the house gate and enter the house. Butter would recognise me and behave herself.

One day, as I was sipping my morning tea in the Bangalore weather on a Saturday morning, some stranger was at the gate and Butter started barking aggresively. It was someone whom Butter didn’t recognize and I’m sure she might have bit him if he entered the house. Looking at Butter I knew I never wanted to be the guy on the other side of that gate.

Three months later I visited my in-laws’ place again. I stood at the gate wondering if I should open the gate and go inside. I thought what if Butter had forgotten me and I had to be re-introduced to her, lest she takes me for a stranger and act hostile (bite) towards me. I didn’t trust Butter, I called my sister-in-law to open the gate for me. She opened the gate, and butter was right there jumping with excitement to see me. I knew she recognized me and I gave her a rub.

Even now, if I go my in-laws’ place after every two/three months, I still call my sister-in-law to open the gate because I don’t trust butter to remember me.

Even though Butter has always remembered me, I still doubt her. I wonder what if she has forgotten me and turns hostile when I open the gate. It’s in our nature to doubt because at times we all have dropped the ball, forgotten a promise we made, didn’t show up on time and we fear it will come around to us. This brings us back to the sermon of God’s faithfulness. God has always been faithful and every time we turn to him in need, he is there to help us.

2 Timothy 2:13

if we are faithless,
He (God) remains faithful,
for he cannot disown himself.

Yet, every time we go back to Him after a long time away, we have doubts. Would He answer us? Would He remember us? And usually the reason for the doubt is our lack of constant touch with Him. If we seek Him and are in conversation with him continuously, then I doubt we will ever doubt his faithfulness and kindness towards us.

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