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First Five minutes Day 1

April 7th, 2016

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First of all, an honest confession, this is not exactly the first five minutes. The literal first five minutes after the alarm rings are about ‘what day is this’, ‘what time did I sleep last night’, ‘did I get enough sleep’, then continue lying in the bed looking for answers to the aforementioned questions. Even after I get out of the bed, the order of minutes is to brush, read The Bible, pray and then I write this.

Today’s thoughts – mothers and wives. I think of them as I hear a cooker whistle go ‘whissss’ in a neighbouring house. It’s so early in the morning, already in most of the households women are up and cooking for the kids, husband and mostly herself too. There has to be a gene somewhere which makes them so hardworking and selfless. My mom used to get up at 4:30 AM and prepare breakfast and lunch and she has to catch her bus to school at 6:45 AM. She did every day. Now my wife does the same, she spends so much more time for housework than I do. I try to help more with the housework than my dad and I’m sure my dad helped more than his dad. Some day in the future… a robot will equal this! nah, just kidding… Some day in the future the work will be equally distributed… either men will get that gene or women are going to lose it!

good morning.

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