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Search user experience on Twitter – improvement

October 17th, 2015

Categories: Design | Observations | Product

A suggestion to make twitter search user experience better. Twitter search suggestion is split into two parts- first four suggestion are keyword suggestions followed by 6 user suggestions matching the keyword.

twitter search ux

I’m sure people at Twitter have done research to show that more people search for tweets containing their keywords than for user names that have their keywords. But the problem is in the user experience when one searches for a username on Twitter.

Let me explain.

User story: As a user I want to search for a handle. I want to enter a keyword and when I see a suggestion that I want to view, I click on that suggestion.

This problem IS solved on twitter but the user experience is not great. As you can see in the video below, whenever I searched, the first set of suggestions that are shown are usernames/handles that have the keyword I searched for, BUT just when I move my pointer to click on that username, it shifts down and the top 4 slots are occupied by the keyword suggestions and the username suggestions move to the bottom 4. Due to this I end up clicking on the keyword suggestion instead the username.


this can be solved in two ways:

1. Take out that lag. Display both the sets (keywords and usernames) simultaneously.

2. If for some reason, it takes longer to return the keywords results to the client, then show the usernames first and populate the keywords as the second set-of-4 instead of displacing the first set.

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