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Practo – a small suggestion

September 14th, 2015

Categories: Design | Product

The search is a little tough to use and understand.

As a user I want to search for an ortho specialist in Velachery, Chennai.

problem: By default the search box shows Bangalore. I click on that box and type the city ‘Chennai’ and there is no auto-suggest. So I click on the next search box to search for ‘ortho’, the autosuggest works fine and I select Ortho specialist. But now the search has been done for Bangalore and not Chennai.

I try this multiple times and realize that as soon as I click on the space outside the search box after inputting ‘Chennai’, the keyword changes to ‘Bangalore’.

After some time I realize that on the right top of the screen there is a mention of a city, I need to change it to Chennai to search for Chennai localities. That was definitely not intuitive for me.

Solution could be, if a user types a locality or city that is not found in the ‘selected city (which is set in the right top, in the above example: Bangalore)’, then see if the keyword matches with locality of other city or other city name (in the above example: Chennai) in your db, suggest the correct locality from other city (in the above case ‘Chennai’) and change the top right city (in the above example: Bangalore) to Chennai.

Once I found how to search in the right city, Practo was easy to use and I was able to book an appointment with ease! thanks, Practo!

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