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The mark of a good leader

September 20th, 2015

Categories: Learning | Observations

One of the most essential characters of a good leader/manager is the willingness to nurture & grow others and not being afraid of losing the ‘Pedestal place’. When I read this text in James Herriot’s ‘All creatures great and small’, I came across this exact characteristic being displayed by Mr. Siegfried.

Context of the below passage: Mr. Herriot having graduated from veterinary college starts his career with an experienced veterinarian Mr. Siegfried. Mr. Herriot is “dogged” by fears of how other bosses treat their newbies.

After spending close to 6 months working with Mr. Siegfried, James realizes that his boss does not mind sharing the pedestal and is honestly a good man. Here is a snippet from the book in which there is a call from an animal’s owner asking for Mr. Herriot. Instead of jealousy or anger, Mr. Siegfried seems pleased about the reputation Mr. Herriot has earned among his new clients.


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