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Hats off to this tournament

September 8th, 2015

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“The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak!” I thought as I walked slowly to the sideline to get substituted for the 3rd time within the first 8 points. It was the second game of the second day, which was the fourth game for me in this tournament and I was really drained from running under the hot Hyderabad Sun. The Sun was not new to me (I’m from Chennai!) but running this fast for this long was.

I started playing this spirited game of Ultimate Frisbee only three months back. I started out just to learn the forehand throw and never once thought that I would be part of a team playing a tournament (albeit Hat tournament). Even on the day of travelling to Hyderabad for the tournament, I decided to pull out of the games and just look around the city, but my colleague and trainer, Bajji, convinced me to go and play couple of games.

Hat Tournament:
n. A tournament format for any team sport or game in which the teams are determined by randomly dividing up the participants into appropriately sized groups.
— from wordnik

In this tournament they don’t divide randomly but form teams based on the rating of the player, so as to make all the teams equally strong/weak (depends on how one looks at it!).

This was a good environment, as a new player, to learn from the experts. Every team had a good number of expert players who, after the game, tell you where you went wrong and how you can improve your game. As the game does not carry any prize money, the focus of the game was not on winning but on building each other up by pointing out the good moves and bad ones. I learnt a lot going there.

Vote of Thanks:

Bajji (Ultimate player and trainer), Sohan (Hat team mentor for his patience and pushing me to give my best), MJ (for helping me with some tips on defending). Pleasure to have played with you guys.

Next Hat will be in Feb in Pondicherry. Hope to improve my performance.

Come join us! @Chennai Besi beach, Tuesday 7:30 PM, under the lights, near the police beat. Find any guy with frisbee and ask for Bajji.

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