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Pen Holder

July 3rd, 2015

Categories: Project

An ordinary Friday evening, I was bored and just staring at the partition in office. A colleague had hung a business card with cello tape. I started wondering what could I hang that will be of use.

A pen stand. I thought “I will make one and hang it. It has to be light, say, made of paper. What simple structure can I quickly make out of paper”. Why simple and quick, you ask? I was in office, I did not have all the tools to make something elaborate and quickly because it was already 5 PM and wanted to quickly make. I don’t like dragging things. I like to ship.

Version 1.

I went to the office stationery place and managed to get an A4 sheet, cello tape and stapler. I made a cone out of an A4 paper, the one you see in the image. It was too deep, so if I put a pen inside, it would sink inside and wouldn’t protrude, which would make it hard to take it out.

Version 2.

I wanted to reduce the depth. I went to the the coffee machine, got a coffee cup and inserted it inside the cone. Voila!!






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