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A small javascript project

April 6th, 2013

Categories: Project

As I have mentioned earlier, I follow SignalVsNoise blog by 37signals. On the top left part of their blog they have this little note that says “Happy <the day of the week>.”. It was pretty impressive and I wanted to learn how that can be done. A friend of mine suggested that I look through ‘javascript’. W3schools, where else!

I took that as my weekend project and started going through the js material available in W3Schools. Since I had already tried my hand at Python, js seemed very easy, just that I have to code between <script> </script>.

Here is what I did (Mind you this is a very very basic use of js, much much more can be done.):

On the left top of this blog (on the header), you will see a “Good <greeting depending on the time of day>.”


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